Terms and Conditions Smart Stay Hotel Station

Bookings for individual guests can be made online, in written form, or by fax.
Valid credit card information (incl. expiration date) is required for online bookings. Please note, however, that the full price for your stay has to be paid upon arrival. Your credit card will only be charged with the appropriate cancellation fees in case of cancellation. The information submitted online is legally binding. Regardless of booking method, groups (from 4 to 12 people max.) are obligated to provide valid credit card information or make a down-payment in order to guarantee bookings.

Please note: Maximum stay in our house is 2 weeks
Guest under 18 years can´t sleep in mixed dorm, just in rooms for them allone.


All our accommodation services are to be paid for completely upon arrival, either in cash or by EC, VISA, or MasterCard. If money transfers are made in advance, the complete amount has to be in our account on the day of arrival. Account statements or other receipts are not valid proof of payment in case the money has not arrived in our account in due time.

Down-payments and guarantee 

For group bookings (4 people or larger) and bookings exceeding € 300.00 a down-payment of 50% of the total amount (at least the total amount of the first night) is due. The due amount is to be transferred to our bank account accordingly. For stays during trade fairs (and other marked events) we need valid credit card information or alternatively a down-payment as guarantee. The down-payment has to be in our account no later than two weeks after receiving the booking confirmation, at the latest on the day of arrival. Probable banking fees are to be paid for by the depositor.

Oktoberfest (21st of September till 7th of Oktober 2018) / exhibition BAUMA/ major events / trade fairs
When booking for the Oktoberfest and other major events and trade fairs in Munich, 100% of the balance will be charged from your credit card immediately after the online booking. We will charge the amount related only to those special days. In case the credit card is not working we will cancel the booking.
Please note that during the Oktoberfest period we will retain a security deposit upon arrival of € 50.00 in cash per person for a room you have fully booked. Please collect the corresponding total amount from the guests and have it available upon arrival and hand it over to a member of the reception staff against receipt. Provided there are no complaints about the condition of the room upon check-out, the full amount of the deposit will, of course, be refunded.
Free cancellations are not possible, in case of customer cancellations (respectively no-shows) on short notice, the sum of the stay has to be paid; saved expenditures as well as proceeds from rooms that are rented to a third party will not be taken into account!

We accept group bookings up to a maximum of 6 people for the Oktoberfest. Should we notice upon arrival that this rule was violated by a larger group making individual bookings, we have the right to (and probably will) resign from the guest contract. Also, Saturday nights are bookable only in combination with Sunday nights.

With booking or reserving rooms or dorm beds in our hotel you agree to a guest contract. This contract is in accordance with §535 of the BGB (Statutes of Civil Law) and is legally binding for both parties. According to the regulations of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) the following applies:
Reservations can be cancelled free of charge no later than 48 hours prior to arrival (by 2 pm). The cancellation must be in written forms. Cancellations made on the telephone will not be accepted. In case of cancellation or guest does not arrive (No-Show) the 100% of the amount of the first night is charged (excluding breakfast).

Free cancellations are not possible for Oktoberfest bookings or bookings for other big events and fair trades in Munich. In case of customer cancellations (respectively no-shows) on short notice, the sum of the stay has to be paid; saved expenditures as well as proceeds from rooms that are rented to a third party will not be taken into account!

Dates of fairs in Munich for download here:Tradefair Munich 2016

House Rules 

The House Rules are a component of the general business conditions. If the rules are violated, the Smart Stay Station Hotel has the right to cancel the guest contract without prior notice. Cancellation fees will be charged accordingly (see chapter on cancellation).

Read house rules

Liability / Deposits 

Anyone causing damage to the building or inventory is liable for the costs (especially the chaperone or promoter). Theft or intentional damage of property will be reported to the police. Room inspection by our staff is normal procedure for group departures. Damaged property or lost key cards will be charged to your account and have to be paid for before departure. The Smart Stay Station Hotel reserves the right to ask for a security deposit from guests, especially from groups, up to € 50.00 per person. The deposit has to be paid in cash upon arrival and will be refunded on check-out, probable costs for repairs etc. will be deducted. The Smart Stay Station Hotel is not liable for personal injuries unless deliberate negligent behavior can be proven. The Smart Stay Station Hotel is neither liable for luggage stored in our luggage room, nor for vehicles or bicycles on the premises.

Final provisions 

The invalidity of single parts of the above terms and conditions does not affect the remaining sections.

Munich, 18th. December 2013